“I am a proud Arizona native and fortunate to call AZ my home once again. Growing up with two older, athletic brothers, I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t playing a sport. I’ve had countless coaches throughout my life, both locally in my school years and professionally during my six year stint as an NFL quarterback. These coaches taught me the game and whether intentional or not, contributed to developing my character. They helped shape me into the man I am today by serving voluntarily, countless hours. Because of this, I am passionate about sports and the experience and lessons they provide to our youth.

My wife and I saw an opportunity to serve our own community by providing resources to coaches in order to inspire and enable them to easily integrate solid character developing curriculum into their make the most of every opportunity and interaction with these young athletes. As this became a continual and proven need, 180 Sports was born. Our charity serves to provide funding for these coaches in order to learn at clinics, receive helpful materials and provide scholarships for students who due to unfortunate circumstances do not have the opportunity to play sports because of lack of funds. We hope to impact our community by focusing on the coach and utilizing sports as a platform to teach our youth how to win in their homes and communities with solid character and integrity both on and off the field.”

- Travis Brown

Our Mission

180 Sports is committed to changing the culture of sports by:

  1. Training Coaches

  2. Supporting Athletes

  3. Providing Equipment

What we do to accomplish our mission...

Training Coaches:

  • Character/Spiritual Training

  • PCA Training Workshops

Supporting Athletes:

  • College

    • Support College Scholarships

  • High School

    • Camp Scholarships

    • Character Training/Workshops

  • Elementary Age

    • Scholarships for Leagues/Camps for under-resourced youth

Providing Equipment:

  • Donations

  • Partnering with organizations/districts/schools

“I support 180 Sports because they are committed to doing what it takes to change the culture of sports and thus changing culture and future generations. What better avenue to impact kids, families and communities but through the platform of sports.”
— Brent, Division I football coach